Interesting facts about QR codes

QR Code - The intelligent digital pattern

QR codes are the elementary building blocks of our Tecomon® technology. But what is actually behind the black and white cube pattern and what are they used for?

Any information can be embedded in QR codes. The process was invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara and his team at the car manufacturer Denso in Japan to mark automotive components.

Hand die Handy hält und QR-Code scannt, QR-Code führt zu Tecomon Webesite

What does the abbreviation QR stand for?

QR stands for Quick Response. The name of the QR code comes from its function. It facilitates the retrieval of information and enables a quick response.

How do QR codes work?

QR codes consist of a square mesh of black and white dots and lines. They belong to the 2D barcodes. This means that the dots containing the encoded information can be read both horizontally and vertically. QR codes can therefore represent several thousand characters. Three out of four corners contain a square, which the scanner uses for orientation. This means that QR codes are read correctly regardless of their orientation.

Did you also know that QR codes contain error compensation? Thanks to this, the codes are still readable even if 30% of the graphic is destroyed.

Where are QR codes scanned most?

The market research platform Appinio conducted a survey on the use of QR codes in spring 2020. The survey revealed that around half of respondents have already scanned QR codes on packaging. In second place are cash register receipts (38%), closely followed by advertising posters (35%) and magazines (34%). But what information behind the QR codes are consumers interested in? Most often, respondents scan the codes to get shopping coupons (41%) or to participate in cash-back programs (41%). As many as 41% of respondents use QR codes to get more information about products.

Colorful variety

Whether moss green, indigo or fire red - did you know that QR codes don't necessarily have to be black and white? To be readable by scanners, the only thing that needs to be right is the contrast between light and dark. So you can choose from any colors and design your QR code individually.

QR-Code zur LinkedIn Seite von Tecomon

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