About Us

The company Tecomon GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Tecomon) has many years of experience in the sphere of building automation, measurement, control and regulation technology, the networking of machines and the development of intelligent sensor technology.

The "Tecomon® Connects" technology developed by Tecomon describes and enables standardized, interoperable and overarching communication between software, humans and machines. This technology is supplemented by a patented programming procedure that enables devices (e.g., sensors and actuators) to be uniquely assigned by means of an image code (QR code) when they are integrated.

Our mission

We make your goal to our aim! For this we always give our best, because your satisfaction is our highest priority.
Purposefully and with full commitment, we are at your service and find individual and innovative solutions together with you.

⤮ Agile

As a dynamic startup, we flexibly adapt to the technical requirements of our customers. We implement even the most demanding projects at short notice.

✁ Customized

We offer our customers the best solutions through professional consulting and individual development. We solve your needs and concerns customized for a wide range of problems.

💡 Innovative

Our enthusiasm for technical progress, innovative strategies and close contact with research institutions provide forward-looking solutions.

♡ Together

Transparency and traceability are our basis for humane and fair dealings with each other. Our employees and customers are particularly important to us.

💠 Comprehensive

We combine know-how from the fields of electronics, software and connectivity to create all-round worry-free solutions from a single source.

💬 Communicative

We always communicate at eye level and take your problems seriously. As a result, we work foresightedly and efficiently with you.

⤮ Agil

Als dynamisches Startup stellen wir uns flexibel auf die technischen Anforderung unserer Kunden ein. Auch anspruchsvolleste Projekte setzen wir kurzfristig um.

✁ Maßgeschneidert

Unseren Kunden bieten wir beste Lösungen durch professionelle Beratung und individuelle Entwicklung. Ihre Bedürfnisse und Anliegen lösen wir maßgeschneidert für verschiedenste Probleme.

💡 Innovativ

Unsere Begeisterung für technischen Fortschritt, innovative Strategien und unser enger Kontakt zu Forschungseinrichtungen bieten zukunftsweisende Lösungen.

♡ Miteinander

Transparenz und Nachvollziehbarkeit sind unsere Basis für menschlichen und fairen Umgang miteinander. Unsere Mitarbeiter und Kunden ist uns besonders wichtig.

💠 Umfassend

Wir vereinen Know-how aus den den Bereichen Elektronik, Software und Konnektivität und schaffen damit Rundum-sorglos-Lösungen aus einer Hand.

💬 Kommunikativ

Wir kommunizieren stets auf Augenhöhe und nehmen Ihre Probleme ernst. Dadurch arbeiten wir vorausschauend und effizient mit Ihnen zusammen.