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In our news section, we regularly inform you about current developments and innovative products. You will also find the latest innovations and trends to read about. Stay tuned! On our website you will also find interesting facts about our technology, the company and our services. If you have any further questions, we look forward to hearing from you at any time.
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Interesting facts about HTML

HTML - Was ist das? Die Abkürzung HTML steht für Hypertext Markup Language, was auf deutsch Hypertext Auszeichnungssprache bedeutet. Diese textbasierte Sprache dient zur Strukturierung elektronischer Dokumente, wie zum Beispiel Texte mit Hyperlinks oder Bildern. Die HTML-Dokumente werden von Webbrowsern dargestellt und sind die Grundlage des World Wide Web. HTML Dateien können neben den im Browser angezeigten Inhalten auch zusätzliche Angaben in Form von Medieninformationen enthalten. Das sind zum Beispiel die im Text verwendeten Sprachen, der Autor oder eine Zusammenfassung des Textes. Die Auszeichnungssprache. HTML dient allerdings nur zur systematischen Strukturierung eines Textes, nich aber zur Formatierung. HTML wurde vom ...
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Interesting facts about DNS and DDNS

The abbreviation DNS stands for Domain Name System. DNS is a directory service, which is distributed worldwide on numerous servers and manages the name space of the Internet. This space can be divided into many zones, for which independent administrators are responsible. DNS is used to translate domain names into IP addresses, similar to the way a telephone directory assigns a telephone number to each name. This feature offers users a great simplification, as it is possible to simply remember the domain name such as tecomon.de, rather than the more complicated IP address such as Let's take a closer ...
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Interesting facts about URL und URI

Things to know about URL and URI The World Wide Web can be understood as a space, which is populated by countless contents at different points. Each individual point can be uniquely identified by a URI, i.e. a URI designates a resource on the Internet. It does not matter whether this point represents a place in a text, a program, a video, an audio file, a moving or a still image. Example: Tecomon.de URI should not be confused with Canton Uri in Switzerland. A URL is generally understood as a web address that we enter into the browser or click ...
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Interesting facts about HTTP requests

The HTTP protocol regulates how clients (browsers) formulate requests and how servers respond to them. For this purpose, there are special request methods, so-called HTTP requests. The Unified Resource Identifier (URI) plays an important role here. URIs are used to designate resources on the Internet. A URI is the address of a website (resource). Example: tecomon.de. The associated URL in this case would be https://tecomon.de/. GET and POST The ancestor of HTTP requests is GET. It has existed since the beginning of the World Wide Web and is used to request files from the web server. When you enter a ...
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Interesting facts about Cookies

Cookies are data packets exchanged between computer programs. Originally, it was used to refer to all generic data packets exchanged between computer applications. Nowadays, by cookies we usually mean http cookies. HTTP is a stateless protocol that does not store any session data. We have already explained this in our knowledge section. So with HTTP, browsers receive a new copy of the web page from the servers every time a web page is requested. However, these data copies make our everyday life more difficult. That's why today we explain how cookies make our lives easier. What is the main purpose ...
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Interesting facts about HTTP

An important promise we make with our Tecomon® technology is future-proof connectivity. By using the HTTP standard, we offer high compatibility. But what is HTTP? When you look at a website address, it says http:// in front. HTTP stands for "Hypertext Transfer Protocol." Without the protocol you would not be able to access a web page, because the most important use of HTTP is to display web pages. So, together with other building blocks, HTTP forms the basis for the World Wide Web (www.). HTTP is a so-called client-server principle. To access a website, the browser (client) sends a request ...
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Interesting facts about QR codes

QR codes are the elementary building blocks of our Tecomon® technology. But what is actually behind the black and white cube pattern and what are they used for? Any information can be embedded in QR codes. The process was invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara and his team at the car manufacturer Denso in Japan to mark automotive components. QR stands for Quick Response. The name of the QR code comes from its function. It facilitates the retrieval of information and enables a quick response. QR codes consist of a square mesh of black and white dots and lines. They ...
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Smart ventilation for infection control

In the cold season we do not want to sit constantly in front of an open window. But especially in times of Corona, proper and regular ventilation is an effective and important measure for infection control. CO2 traffic lights help to find the right time to open the window. Aerosols are a possible transmission route of the Corona virus. They spread quickly in the air, especially in closed rooms. Ventilation as needed can help reduce the risk of infection and is an important part of infection control. At the beginning of the new school year, the Ministry of Education and ...
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