“With Tecomon®, we solve a problem that has been around for too long: vendor-independent communication between different machines and systems. Tecomon is the future. And not just in the smart home sector.”

– Marco Della Penna, Co-Founder

One technology

  • Patented process
  • Autarkical and offline
  • Embedded AI
  • Edge Analytics
  • Data Warehousing
  • Online capability

One architecture

  • Copyrighted principle
  • Universal connectivity
  • RESTful interface
  • Directly via WLAN hotspot
  • Integration into own network

One interface

  • Networking in all areas
  • Compatible with any web-enabled device/ everything directly via browser
  • Programming via
    Tecomon® - QR code
  • Individualize & Customize
  • Unique data identifier

Your benefits

Future-proof connectivity

  • HTTP protocol

    Open and future-proof

  • High compatibility

    HTTP standard since 1999

  • Timeless functionality

    Installation safety

  • Updates

    Expandable functionality

  • Web-App & Webservice

Independent, secure and simple

  • Only one external interface
  • Software independent

    Independence from third parties

  • High security

    Through HTTPS, Oauth2, TLS, SSL (banking standard)

  • Simplest commissioning

    No reworking 

  • Fully automatic

    Reduce effort and save time

Tecomon® & you

Learn how you can become part of Tecomon® and how you can use Tecomon® technology for yourself!


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