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ADTV Tanzschule Tanz und Spaß

Project ventilation control ADTV dance school Dancing & Fun


To make dancing still enjoyable despite the Corona virus, the ADTV Danceschool Tanzen & Spaß had special air filtration systems from the clean room technology of the company Daldrop + Dr.Ing.Huber GmbH + Co.KG installed. It was planned and installed by the team of IP Innovatives Planen GmbH.

The Tecomon® technology was used to control the fans and design the user interface.

The effective H14 high-performance filters including pre-filters ensure reliable separation of airborne germs, viruses and bacteria and filter 99.98% of the air. One unit here can filter up to 2000m3/h of air. The circulation per hour is thus 6 times higher than without the fans.


Our team at Tecomon GmbH developed customized implementation entirely according to customer requirements. Thus, a specially adapted fan control could be implemented. Using Tecomon® - Connects, these can now easily communicate with each other and offer a convenient and comfortable access directly from the WLAN via any mobile device through the interface. The dance school operator and their students can now easily control and operate the fans via cell phone directly in the browser using the Tecomon® - Web App.

The entire project would not have been possible in such an uncomplicated, user-friendly and, above all, cost-effective way without our technology.


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Smart ventilation for infection control

In the cold season we do not want to sit constantly in front of an open window. But especially in times of Corona, proper and regular ventilation is an effective and important measure for infection control. CO2 traffic lights help to find the right time to open the window.

Aerosols are a possible transmission route of the Corona virus. They spread quickly in the air, especially in closed rooms. Ventilation as needed can help reduce the risk of infection and is an important part of infection control.

At the beginning of the new school year, the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of Baden-Württemberg declared regular and proper ventilation of all rooms to be one of the central hygiene measures. This is because regular ventilation or ventilation technology in rooms can significantly reduce the risk of infection with the COVID-19 virus. This is the result of a recent statement by the Commission on Indoor Air Hygiene (IRK) of the Federal Environment Agency. The IRK recommends replacing stale air with fresh air five times every hour.

However, windows are often opened only after the critical CO2 value has been exceeded. Especially in winter, when the air outside is cold. CO2 traffic lights serve here as an indication of good or poor ventilation. According to the IRK, a Co2 concentration inside the building of less than 0.1 vol% indicates a hygienic air exchange under normal conditions. CO2 traffic lights can accurately measure this value and are therefore a simple and effective solution for demand-based ventilation.

The remedy is Tecomon® – Connect

Ein Bild, das Elektronik, Computer enthält.

With the help of our Tecomon® technology, ventilation is even easier and more cost-effective. With our QR code linking, traffic lights can be linked to any device at any time. All you have to do is scan the QR code on the CO2 traffic light. The measurement is ready to go.

The visualization of the measurement is fully automatic and immediately visible in your browser. No installation is required, the only requirement is a web-enabled end device. No matter where, no matter when – you get your overview at any time and any place. And you can freely choose values, graphics and interface and individualize the display.

The CO2 traffic light from Tecomon is the first entry into building automation. It can be expanded as required with software, sensors and actuators. This enables it to be connected from room automation to the building automation system.

You are curious and interested in our solution? We have already equipped universities, schools and companies with our smart and simple CO2 traffic light and look forward to helping you as well. Contact us now and help to make infection control even more effective. Because good ventilation protects your health. Stay healthy!

Ein Bild, das drinnen, Tisch, Computer, enthält.
Graphical representation of the CO2 course
Ein Bild, das drinnen, Tisch, Computer, enthält.
Graphical verification of the CO2 content

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